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Tour of Zion in Las Vegas

Zion Canyon National Park is a global treasure, and is one of the reasons that we have rules regarding national parks. Zion is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled locations in the world, and each year plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who want to experience the beauty of the area. Every few years or so, there is some sort of encroachment that threatens the park, which is warded off by the rules regarding development within the area itself as well as within a buffer zone around it. The area has had development attempts in all forms ranging from natural resources exploration and harvesting to tourism, and in order to keep the area unspoiled all forms of development have been put down. This does create a bit of a travel issue with regards to visiting the area, however.

When you decide that you are going to tour Zion, you are going to realize quickly that the nearest cities are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, and neither of them is a short drive. It will take more than four hours to drive to the park from either area, and although there are smaller cities closer to the park they are not able to service major airlines. This will create an issue for anyone who is not local to the area, and who needs to fly in order to visit. Major airlines flying into Las Vegas will give you the best prices and most availability of flights, and the fact that Las Vegas is a tourist town will mean that there are more hotel and restaurant choices available there than in Salt Lake City. This is why so many choose to begin their Zion tour by flying into Las Vegas, and doing the tour as part of a larger vacation that will use the city as the starting and ending point.

Several tour companies operate out of Las Vegas providing these very types of tours. Generally, Zion is offered as part of a larger tour package that will visit several national parks over a period of two to five days, generally camping in one or more park overnight in order to heighten the experience. Operators utilize this travel plan in order to maximize the experiences of the trip while minimizing driving time. Next time you want to experience a southwestern national park, start in Las Vegas.