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Losar Festival of Ladakh

The festival of Losar dates back to the pre Buddhist era. This festival is celebrated in many places across the world which includes India, Nepal and Tibet. Especially, in India, the celebrations are highly eventful and ostentatious. It is celebrated in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. It is the celebration conducted to mark the beginning of the new year. The Losar festival in Ladakh is really popular among the people and is also known to be the best. Usually, the celebrations involve an elaborate schedule. A huge concentration of Buddhist population gets together to celebrate this important occasion of the land. A lot of preparations are undertaken way before the festival date arrives. It is conducted during the winter season and is one of the most distinctive events of the region.

Basically, Losar is also commonly known as the festival of Ladakh. It is a ceremonial event where prayers and religious offerings are made to the deities in the Gompas and domestic shrines and to the spirits of the land. During the preparations, the houses are cleaned and washed, old and unused items are usually replaced with new ones, or disposed to ward off negativity, houses and similar areas are decorated beautifully to welcome positive vibes, abundant offerings are made to each other known as ‘Lama Losar’, people visit, meet and greet one another. It is a festival of colour, lights, love, joy, happiness, laughter and so on. The picturesque landscape of the region adds to the beauty of the festival. There are huge crowds grooving to the lively atmosphere of the region. There is an exorbitant display of traditional dances, cultural events, local music, stage plays and fights, sumptuous and delectable food and much more. There are joy and entertainment in every step. This festival continues to be celebrated for about three days in a row during every winter. However, the place of the event and the dates tend to change each year. The Ladakh Festival 2016 date is December 30 as per the current record.

As mentioned above, this festival is an important affair of the entire region. During this period the place is full of tourists enjoying themselves with the local crowd. Many prefer to plan their trips during the celebration time itself in order to make the most of their vacation. Ladakh is an awesome place and the chilling winters are too exciting for any traveler. The tourism department of Ladakh is hospitable and responsible. However, one can plan their trip with the help of any reputed and authorized travel agency to visit Ladakh. All the needful details and itinerary will be provided accordingly. One must surely visit the region and enjoy every bit of the scenic place.