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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Beach Central America Beaches for Surfing

When it comes to water adventurous vacation, Central America comes to the mind first. With a lot of beaches with pristine sands and large open area ideally suitable for a variety of adventurous activities, beaches there offer a good opportunity for full fun and pleasure coupled a chance for digging through plenty of delicious cuisines that you will have irresistible cravings for.
If the sea surfing is part of your vacation, Cost Rica and Punt Rica are two best beaches that allow for unstoppable water recreational activities. From sea surfing, boating, motor boating, cruising to fishing, you will have plenty of different experience all you vacation. Not only that, there are many restaurants offering a variety of palatable dishes. So you can have a chance of enjoying beautiful yummy dishes with your family.
When in Costa Rica, you must go to the Nicoya Peninsula, the home to a beach often known as Playa Tamarindo that is among the best beaches across the USA. Unlike other places, it is more than just a tourist hotspot that offers a variety of accommodation and entertainment. The Manual Antonio a famous nature reserve is more than a reason for those who want to explore of the beauty of nature from a close distance. Also, the place boasts of many world-class hotels offering great accommodations at the most reasonable price to tourists from across the world.
Another place that makes an ideal choice for an exciting and thrilling vacation is called Palencia which is situated in the sought of Belize at the end of a very small peninsula. It is often referred to as being a beach that allows tourists to have an amazing relax as well as explore the water or marine life in exciting ways. Also, it has incredible flora life. If you have a passion for photography, the place offers a gilded opportunity for photography. Rich wildlife, beautiful aquatic life, and amazing scenery from dusk to dawn make tourists from across the world visit here. It is one of the most visit Central America beaches for surfing and other adventure water activities such as motor boating, scuba diving and so on.

Other beaches widely known for sea surfing and other water sports include Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua as well as Belize. They are less developed areas so they are one of the best places for those who want to explore natural life in a different way. You not just enjoy the surfing, but also dig through a number of amazing things that you can hardly find at other places. They are excellent places for a perfect fun packed vacation either with family, spouse, or colleagues.

Andaman Island

Dominated by luxury crystal blue water beaches, world class diving adventure fun and far- flung location, Andaman is an ideal holiday destination for honeymooners. With lovely emerald waters and mangrove forest, the island features some of world’s richest and virgin marine reserves.

Being a Union Territory of India, the Andaman is an archipelago of 570 tropical islands, out of which 36 are inhabitant. A part of Nicobar Islands, 86 percent of land is covered by forest area. The population here comprises South and Southeast Asian settlers, as well as Negrito ethnic groups. Spread over 6408 sq. kms, accompanied by Nicobar Islands, the region enjoys tropical and humid climate which is seamless for vacation.

Boosted with immensely rich flora and fauna, the region is truly gift by nature to humanity in Bay of Bengal. With having 100s of islands, only few are open for tourists. Some of major attractions of Andaman are- Ross Island, Cellular Jail National Memorial, Little Andaman Lighthouse and Elephant Beach. The best part of Andaman Islands is the scuba diving and other underwater adventures. With Port Blair, the capital city being well-connected to major Indian cities, travellers can easily travel to this location. So pack your bags and head to this nature’s gift to humanity.

How to Reach Andaman?

Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman is well-connected to other countries. Port Blair is well-connected through air with Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Port Blair is also connected through water transport from Chennai, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. The connectivity is becoming better with more and more travellers are choosing Andaman as the ideal tourist destination.

By Air:

Large numbers of tourist travel to this island country from around the world. Travellers can travel to Port Blair easily through airways as several aviation including Jet Airways, Air Deccan, Indian Airlines and Spice. These flights connect to Port Blair from cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. All flights take 2hrs to reach Port Blair.

By Sea:

Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman can be reached by sea. Usually 3-4 boats sail a month between Port Blair and Chennai and takes 3 days to reach. Similarly is between Kolkata and Port Blair. A monthly ferry runs between Visakhapatnam and Port Blair taking 4 days. All boat put their anchor at Haddo Jetty.

Getting Around Andaman:

With the increasing number of tourists coming in, getting around Andaman has become quite easier. Tourists can rent cars and bikes to roam around. A car with a driver will cost approx. Rs 500 per 35km. You can even go for motorbikes that can be rented from Port Blair and from all other islands under certain rent amount. There are certain restrictions for foreigners to drive their own vehicles to North and Middle Andaman.


You can reach to different islands by boat which are available in different jetties and at the specific timings. There are regular ferries to visit important places like Havelock Island and Neil Island.

Where to stay in Andaman:

Andaman offers many options for tourist to stay at. From 5 stars to guest houses, tourist can select as per the budget and choice. Below are few options to stay in Andaman:

  • Sinclairs Bayview:

This 3 star hotel is located on the road to Corbyn’s Cove, 2km outside town. The hotel offers nice seaside garden with hammocks to lounge. The hotel offers free airport transport to its guests.

  • Gold India Beach Resort:

Set in Havelock Island, every room here is air-conditioned and features flat screen TV. The resort offer free use of bicycles and bike to travel around. Guests can enjoy water sports available near the resort.

  • Hotel Hill Top International:

Located in Port Blair, each room is well maintained with modern amenities. Chidyatapu Sunset Point is 23 km and the Vandur Beach is 25 km. The Port Blair Bus Station is 3.5 km and the Veer Savarkar International Airport is 8 km away.

  • Sea Shell Havelock:

Featuring restro and bar, this guest house is located in the most peaceful location of Andaman. Kalapathar and Elephant Beach are located 5-6km away from the guest house. Guests can enjoy both Indian and International cuisines like Urban Takka and some refreshing beverages.

What to See?

Andaman Island is blessed with nature’s beauty, accompanied with crystal blue sea, dense forest and soothing breeze. Every beach here is exotic blended with freshness and alluring environment. Andaman offers some best options to see around:

Port Blair: This capital city is the famous destination to visit in Andaman. Surrounded by dense lush forest and rugged coastline, the capital creates and image of Indian rural areas. With the vibrant cultural mix of Bengalis, Tamils, Telugus, Nicobarese and Burmese, it is the perfection destination to explore.

Havelock Island: Blessed with white-snow beaches, coastline with shacks and offering the best water adventure sports, Havelock Island should not be missed. This is the location where every tourist visits and stays during their trip.

Neil Island: This tranquil island is the most peaceful location in Andaman Island. Though it doesn’t offers luxury amenities as Havelock offers, but still remains the perfect destination.

Little Andaman: Get the feast mangroves, jungle and teal ringed facing the enigmatic beach of Little Andaman. Though it was badly by 2004 Tsunami event, this spot remains the favourite spot for tourists.

What to do?

Water Sports:

Enjoy the water sports at Havelock Island and Ross & Smith Island. The latter is connected by narrow sandbar and is the best location for snorkelling and swimming.


Visit Excel Restaurant at Port Blair and enjoy dinner under the alluring bamboo-rooftop above Hotel Lalaji Bayview. You can enjoy grilled fish, burgers, Israeli dishes and other such menus.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

You can enjoy half snorkelling trips Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park for those who want to enjoy underwater experience. There are around 15 islands of mangrove creeks, tropical rainforest and reefs. You can travel by boat that departs 9am from Wandoor Jetty, costing ₹750 in addition to the ₹500 permit.

Little Andaman Lighthouse:

14km east of Hut Bay, this lighthouse offers magnificent view over the coastline and forest. You can have peaceful walk over this lighthouse beach where very few log into.

Samudrika Marine Museum:

This museum is run by Indian Navy and is the home of diverse range of exhibits tribal communities, plants, animals and marine life. Just outside the museum you’ll see a skeleton of young blue whale washed ashore.

Tour of Zion in Las Vegas

Zion Canyon National Park is a global treasure, and is one of the reasons that we have rules regarding national parks. Zion is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled locations in the world, and each year plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who want to experience the beauty of the area. Every few years or so, there is some sort of encroachment that threatens the park, which is warded off by the rules regarding development within the area itself as well as within a buffer zone around it. The area has had development attempts in all forms ranging from natural resources exploration and harvesting to tourism, and in order to keep the area unspoiled all forms of development have been put down. This does create a bit of a travel issue with regards to visiting the area, however.

When you decide that you are going to tour Zion, you are going to realize quickly that the nearest cities are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, and neither of them is a short drive. It will take more than four hours to drive to the park from either area, and although there are smaller cities closer to the park they are not able to service major airlines. This will create an issue for anyone who is not local to the area, and who needs to fly in order to visit. Major airlines flying into Las Vegas will give you the best prices and most availability of flights, and the fact that Las Vegas is a tourist town will mean that there are more hotel and restaurant choices available there than in Salt Lake City. This is why so many choose to begin their Zion tour by flying into Las Vegas, and doing the tour as part of a larger vacation that will use the city as the starting and ending point.

Several tour companies operate out of Las Vegas providing these very types of tours. Generally, Zion is offered as part of a larger tour package that will visit several national parks over a period of two to five days, generally camping in one or more park overnight in order to heighten the experience. Operators utilize this travel plan in order to maximize the experiences of the trip while minimizing driving time. Next time you want to experience a southwestern national park, start in Las Vegas.

Morocco Adventure Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, Morocco isn’t all about the marketplaces & the stunning cosmopolitan city. There’re in fact a lot of things to see and do for those who are on Morocco private holidays. As a frequent traveler I had the opportunity to explore Morocco quite a few times. So, here I explained few exciting things to do during your excursion in Morocco.

Morocco is a nation of both incredible landscapes & enthralling cities, so if your adventure taste involves the affection for heights, you’re in for a genuine treat. Just visualize boarding on a hot air balloon from Marrakech and quietly glide over Morocco while relishing the awe-inspiring backdrop. The Morocco tour agency I went through for a hot air ballooning adventure also encompassed a trip to a village to have mint tea & home-baked bread while interacting with a native Berber family.

For those people who’re into more adventure than just a slow glide on the air, private flights are offered by many travel company as well. Several routes are accessible if you pick this alternative, and these trips can last amid an exciting 12 minutes to a widespread 4 hours.

A more comprehensive & encompassing helicopter trip that suggest is Atlas tour which takes approximately 1 hour to accomplish. During this excursion in Morocco, you have the opportunity to witness the significant backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, Lake Takerkoust, Ouirgane, Toubkal, Oukaimeden, the Ourika Valley, and Marrakech.

Do you fancy racing a quad bike around the town? Well, bike enthusiasts will like the adventure of coasting around Palm Grove where they can zip around, praising the picture-perfect ‘green-region’ of Marrakech which’s home to some of the most stunning holf courses, luxury homes and hotels. You’ll also have the opportunity to tour the popular Marrakech Piste oasis, ride some breathtaking dunes, and explore some Berber hamlets before stopping to relish a tea break with some of the friendly local people.

If you’re after a more planned desert experience with a tour guide, you better contact a reliable travel agency in Morocco. Reputed travel firms may also offer you with a customized itinerary that include helicopter rides, hot air ballooning and quad biking in the sand.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and hopefully it will help you get ready for your next luxury Morocco holidays. Morocco is such an amazing country, that you will wish to visit again and again.