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Andaman Island

Dominated by luxury crystal blue water beaches, world class diving adventure fun and far- flung location, Andaman is an ideal holiday destination for honeymooners. With lovely emerald waters and mangrove forest, the island features some of world’s richest and virgin marine reserves.

Being a Union Territory of India, the Andaman is an archipelago of 570 tropical islands, out of which 36 are inhabitant. A part of Nicobar Islands, 86 percent of land is covered by forest area. The population here comprises South and Southeast Asian settlers, as well as Negrito ethnic groups. Spread over 6408 sq. kms, accompanied by Nicobar Islands, the region enjoys tropical and humid climate which is seamless for vacation.

Boosted with immensely rich flora and fauna, the region is truly gift by nature to humanity in Bay of Bengal. With having 100s of islands, only few are open for tourists. Some of major attractions of Andaman are- Ross Island, Cellular Jail National Memorial, Little Andaman Lighthouse and Elephant Beach. The best part of Andaman Islands is the scuba diving and other underwater adventures. With Port Blair, the capital

The Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Hiking around the Manaslu region provides a very unique chance to explore a genuinely undamaged province of Nepal. This province of Nepal witnesses a lesser number of trekkers throughout the year, which makes a trip here more exclusive & untouched. Opened for hiking since 1991, Manaslu offers an exceptional raw splendor along the border of Tibet and Nepal and now is a controlled trekking trail, permitting organized trekking groups special permits to get access into this province to explore its awe-inspiring circuit. On the whole, you can say Manaslu circuit trekking is a lifetime experience.

Manaslu boast a very unique atmosphere, which’s wonderfully affluent in biodiversity that has made this province one of the best traveler destinations in Nepal since long. The grand Himalayan ranges inside this province encompass cultural diversity & natural splendor with high elevation romantic glacier lakes & exquisite flora and fauna, which make this the most liked trekking areas in Nepal.

The Manaslu Circuit trekking starts with a drive to Arughat then to Soti Khola. The route then go through several settlements such as Jagat, Machha Khola, Philim, traditional hamelets,

Adventures in Arabia Ras al Khaimah

RAK is where Dubaites come seeking a weekend of solace from the city. This northernmost emirate has some of the most diverse landscapes in the country, from lush date palm oases to slithering sand dunes and stark desert mountains. Smooth Gulf waters provide the perfect setting for an adventure when you’re ready to peel yourself off your sun lounger. Whether you fancy a drive across the desert sands in a luxury SUV or a ride on a newly opened mountain zipline, RAK offers activities worth getting a move on for.

Climb Jebel Jais via car or via ferrata

A bit shy of 2000m, Jebel Jais is RAK’s version of a skyscraper. This rugged peak is the highest in the UAE and home to one of the most thrilling driving roads in the Middle East. Sleek, freshly laid tarmac corkscrews its way through countless steep, camel-coloured canyons and along eroded cliff edges that sometimes see snow and often see passing herds of goats.

To experience Jebel Jais in true Emirati fashion, hire a Lamborghini, Ferrari or Land Rover and weave through the hairpin bends of these usually

Beach Central America Beaches for Surfing

When it comes to water adventurous vacation, Central America comes to the mind first. With a lot of beaches with pristine sands and large open area ideally suitable for a variety of adventurous activities, beaches there offer a good opportunity for full fun and pleasure coupled a chance for digging through plenty of delicious cuisines that you will have irresistible cravings for.
If the sea surfing is part of your vacation, Cost Rica and Punt Rica are two best beaches that allow for unstoppable water recreational activities. From sea surfing, boating, motor boating, cruising to fishing, you will have plenty of different experience all you vacation. Not only that, there are many restaurants offering a variety of palatable dishes. So you can have a chance of enjoying beautiful yummy dishes with your family.
When in Costa Rica, you must go to the Nicoya Peninsula, the home to a beach often known as Playa Tamarindo that is among the best beaches across the USA. Unlike other places, it is more than just a tourist hotspot that offers a variety of accommodation and entertainment. The Manual Antonio a famous nature reserve is more than a

Tour of Zion in Las Vegas

Zion Canyon National Park is a global treasure, and is one of the reasons that we have rules regarding national parks. Zion is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled locations in the world, and each year plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world who want to experience the beauty of the area. Every few years or so, there is some sort of encroachment that threatens the park, which is warded off by the rules regarding development within the area itself as well as within a buffer zone around it. The area has had development attempts in all forms ranging from natural resources exploration and harvesting to tourism, and in order to keep the area unspoiled all forms of development have been put down. This does create a bit of a travel issue with regards to visiting the area, however.

When you decide that you are going to tour Zion, you are going to realize quickly that the nearest cities are Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, and neither of them is a short drive. It will take more than four hours

Morocco Adventure Holiday

Contrary to popular belief, Morocco isn’t all about the marketplaces & the stunning cosmopolitan city. There’re in fact a lot of things to see and do for those who are on Morocco private holidays. As a frequent traveler I had the opportunity to explore Morocco quite a few times. So, here I explained few exciting things to do during your excursion in Morocco.

Morocco is a nation of both incredible landscapes & enthralling cities, so if your adventure taste involves the affection for heights, you’re in for a genuine treat. Just visualize boarding on a hot air balloon from Marrakech and quietly glide over Morocco while relishing the awe-inspiring backdrop. The Morocco tour agency I went through for a hot air ballooning adventure also encompassed a trip to a village to have mint tea & home-baked bread while interacting with a native Berber family.

For those people who’re into more adventure than just a slow glide on the air, private flights are offered by many travel company as well. Several routes are accessible if you pick this alternative, and these trips can last amid an exciting 12 minutes to a widespread 4 hours.

Adventure Treks to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu offers great conditions for trekking. The world famous trails are surrounded by beautiful mountains and valleys, historic places and is least polluted making it great for anyone who wants to enjoy beautiful sceneries, learn some ancient history of the people of south America and suck in the fresh air from the environment. No wonder the Machu Picchu wilderness is one of world top trekking adventure destinations.

For anyone interested in choosing their own tour, it is important that you understand that trekking the Machu Picchu trail requires at least four days for you to be able to fully appreciate the beauty if the picturesque landscape marked by beautiful forests, rivers, and the ancient Incans kingdom ruins. When you arrive in Peru for the great trek head straight to the city of Cuzco where your trekking adventure should start and pass through a beautiful country before reaching the historical and once lost Machu Picchu city.

Before you start your adventure treks to Machu Picchu it is important to note that this is a very popular adventure trekking site in the world. This popularity has negative effects on the trail. In order to conserve the trail,

Way Pack for Trips

Where are you going? The wilderness

The elements will be both a marvel and a maverick force. Often finding yourself miles from shelter and civilisation, you’ll need to carry protective kit. Advances in the design of walking shoes mean clunky hiking boots might not be essential, but a quick-drying, wind- and rain-proof shell or jacket will be. Large plastic bin liners, ziplock bags in different sizes and/or waterproof bag liners will help keep kit dry.

Packing essentials

Temperatures will vary wildly with weather, season and altitude, so embrace the layering system.

  • Base layer: a high-wicking, close-fitting top and possibly bottoms. Merino wool is warmest and needs less frequent washing.
  • Mid-layer: fleece or similar on top; quick-drying walking trousers on the bottom.
  • Outer layer: a breathable waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers.
  • Extra-warm layer: a down jacket for use at night can be spirit-lifting, and adds comfort on chilly damp days.

Where are you going? The cool culture city

While perhaps not so culturally unfamiliar, this destination still demands careful suitcase strategy. Many of the essentials will be digital. Want to hotfoot it across town to bag that gold-dust restaurant reservation/show ticket/cheap hotel

Losar Festival of Ladakh

The festival of Losar dates back to the pre Buddhist era. This festival is celebrated in many places across the world which includes India, Nepal and Tibet. Especially, in India, the celebrations are highly eventful and ostentatious. It is celebrated in Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. It is the celebration conducted to mark the beginning of the new year. The Losar festival in Ladakh is really popular among the people and is also known to be the best. Usually, the celebrations involve an elaborate schedule. A huge concentration of Buddhist population gets together to celebrate this important occasion of the land. A lot of preparations are undertaken way before the festival date arrives. It is conducted during the winter season and is one of the most distinctive events of the region.

Basically, Losar is also commonly known as the festival of Ladakh. It is a ceremonial event where prayers and religious offerings are made to the deities in the Gompas and domestic shrines and to the spirits of the land. During the preparations, the houses are cleaned and washed, old and unused items are usually replaced

Outdoor adventures in Kosovo

In spite of the growing variety of ways to experience Kosovo’s natural beauty, the promotion efforts of its adventure industry have been largely of the word-of-mouth variety until recently. While those in the know might be happy to keep the unspoiled magic of Kosovo’s countryside a secret, we just had to share. Consider this your guide to thrill-seeking in Europe’s youngest country.


For most of the people who have walked Kosovo’s craggy perimeter over the centuries, climbing mountains has been an essential way of life, whether that was to reach new plains of grass for animal feed or to trade with a neighbouring village. Thanks to its location along increasingly prominent mega-hiking trails – like the seven-country, 2000km Via Dinarica and the German-backed Peaks of the Balkanstrail – a growing number of visitors to Kosovo have also started to claim its multitude of 2500m-plus peaks.

There are plenty of in-country resources about how to best approach Kosovo’s top treks. Local tour operator Rugova Experience has been guiding the Peaks of the Balkans trail since 2013. Creative upstart Balkan Outdoor Experience ( also offers some outside-the-box packages, such as a hiking and yoga trip to the top of the 2403m Hajla peak

Stavanger adventures

Here you’ll find the big wilderness that southwestern Norway does so well – jewel-coloured fjords, cliffhanger trails, dune-fringed beaches and moon-rock landscapes with a beauty that borders on the surreal. Here are just some of the adventures to be had on Stavanger’s doorstep.

On the edge: Pulpit Rock

The anticipation will mount on the cruise from Stavanger across Lysefjord, as day-trippers brave the top deck for close-ups of sheer cliffs and the rainbow-arced waterfalls that spill down their vertical faces. These mighty granite rocks razor many hundreds of metres above opalescent waters of cyan, azure and turquoise. It’s a sight that inspires towards the poetic and the profound, and one that distills the ethereal beauty of Norway’s southern fjords.

Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is the iconic fist of rock which thrusts 604m above the fjord. To reach it, you can take a 4km-long path – partly hacked out by Nepalese Sherpas – which wriggles up through a dense forest of gnarled pine and birch, before shimmying across granite slabs and exposed cliffs to the plateau.

Pulpit Rock is spectacular whatever the Nordic weather gods throw at it; not even fog can detract from its heart-stopping proportions.

Trekking in the Simien Mountains Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a land of legends and mystery – the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant to name but two. The landscape is also mesmerising. In the far north are the Simien Mountains – a mystical world of primeval forests, misty peaks, bizarre plants and exotic creatures. Trekking these stunning highlands is like stepping into an otherworldly paradise.

Dramatic landscapes

Violent volcanic eruptions 40 million years ago created the Simien Mountains massif, which rises to over 4500m in northern Ethiopia. Over millennia, erosive forces have sculpted its jagged pinnacles, deep ravines and volcanic plugs. Treks of between five and ten days along high-altitude escarpments, across alpine meadows and through the fertile lowlands are the best way to fully appreciate the amazing diversity of the Simiens, much of what today is protected as part ofSimien Mountains National Park.

Steep ascents lead to lush plateaus populated with giant lobelias – freaky fleshy-leaved plants growing to 3m in height, evoking images of dinosaurs and ancient days. Escarpment vistas are filled with sheer cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and rocky turrets spiking out from the forested valleys below. Ribbons of mist drift over the ground. Vultures and

Adventures in Perak

Shaped like a crescent moon, Perak sweeps across the northwestern corner of Peninsular Malaysia. Limestone cliffs are the state’s most unmistakable landmarks, but Perak is a tapestry of mangrove swamps, jungles and beaches, too – terrain so varied that exhilaration (and exhaustion) are practically guaranteed. Here are four adventures to get your pulse racing…

Get off the grid in Royal Belum State Park

The only sound is a rhythmic swish, swish, as our boat glides across Lake Temenggor. We’re heading deep into Royal Belum State Park (, a 117,500-hectare wilderness made even more impassable by its water levels. This jungly swathe of northern Perak, right against the Malaysia-Thailand border, was flooded in 1972 when Temenggor Dam was built. And in this remote nature park, the chances of getting phone signal are roughly the same as spotting the elusive sun bear.

The boat thumps noisily against the wooden gangplank at Belum Eco Resort (, my island home for the next few nights. While resort staff busy themselves securing the boat, my fellow travellers are already wriggling out of their T-shirts and dive-bombing into the lake.  As we bob around in the water, the jungle chorus

Explore Chilean Patagonia’s glacier country

The 1240km Carretera Austral (Southern Highway) is the only way in and out of Aysén by land. It stretches from the fishing hub of Puerto Montt in the north all the way down until it peters out in the frontier gaucho town of Villa O’Higgins in the south. Bumbling down the Carretera Austral’s bumpy terrain past rainforested hills and foggy fjords has become one of the most iconic road trips in South America. But it’s a journey you’ll want to do sooner rather than later.

Now is the time to visit the glaciers that shaped this dramatic landscape before they disappear. Sandwiched between the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Fields (collectively the world’s third-largest source of fresh water), Aysén is rightfully known as the epicenter of Chilean glacier country. Half of its land is protected in public and private parks (including the newly opened Patagonia Park, created by the late North Face founder Doug Tompkins), and the region is home to a fair chunk of Chile’s 24,133 glaciers.

Many of these magnificent cascades of fast-flowing ice are receding at alarming rates of up to 15 meters per year. But there is a bit of good news: It’s

California’s deserts

Laze by a pool amid timeless Mid-Century Modern architecture in retro-chic Palm Springs, or marvel at eternal wonders of otherworldly beauty in national parks from Joshua Tree to Death Valley. The deserts’ palm-pricked landscapes, world-class music and art festivals and some quirky enclaves welcome the next generation of party people. And the fun all starts barely two hours from Los Angeles.

Palm Springs & Coachella Valley

It’s hard to imagine a cooler pedigree than Palm Springs, ‘playground of the Rat Pack.’ Sinatra, Sammy, Lucy, Dino and Elvis put the city on the map in the 1950s and ‘60s, living it up in their Mid-Century Modern vacation homes. Thereafter, Palm Springs and the Coachella (say ‘co-CHEL-a’) Valley became the province of retirees and golfers (um, not cool), but nowadays its retro charms have been rediscovered and, along with outdoor enthusiasts and a significant LGBT contingent, it has blossomed into a desert playground.

There’s still plenty of Rat Pack glam in vintage hotels like the Del Marcos, period rental homes and resale shops for clothing and furniture to let you live the look. Meanwhile, a new crop of sleeping options (theAce and Parker), restaurants and nightspots add a

Honeymoon Islands

Corsica, France

This chunk of France, afloat in the Mediterranean, deserves its monicker:L’île de Beauté. The rumpled, maquis-cloaked interior – where you can easily forget the world – tumbles to perfect golden crescents, some touristy, some seemingly unfound. There’s wildness if you want it (the hiking is some of Europe’s best), but also fine food and indulgent retreats, not least Domaine de Murtoli ( – possibly the continent’s most romantic hideaway.

Qurimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Why pick one island when you can have 30? That’s about how many specks of wonderful white sand make up this Indian Ocean archipelago. Among them is Ibo, home to the 16th-century Portuguese trading settlement of Ilha de Moçambique – a must-see. After a dose of culture here, sail between the islands – remote Vamizi, luxe Quilalea – stopping off on nameless cayes for lobster barbecues en route.

Huahine, French Polynesia

Huahine, a 40-minute flight from Tahiti, is Polynesia at its most sublime (and that’s quite a feat). Slopes of tropical abundance sink into eye-searingly blue lagoons; there’s culture aplenty, including the highest density of marae (temples) in the territory; and opportunities abound for snorkelling, horse

Europe’s best road trips


Few countries can rival Italy’s wealth of riches. Its historic cities boast iconic monuments and masterpieces at every turn, its food is imitated the world over and its landscape is a majestic patchwork of snowcapped peaks, plunging coastlines, lakes and remote valleys. And with many thrilling roads to explore, it offers plenty of epic driving.

Recommended trip: World Heritage wonders – 14 days, 870 km/540 miles

Start – Rome; finish – Venice

From Rome to Venice, this tour of Unesco World Heritage Sites takes in some of Italy’s greatest hits, including the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and some lesser-known treasures.


Iconic monuments, fabulous food, world-class wines – there are so many reasons to plan your very own French voyage. Whether you’re planning on cruising the corniches of the French Riviera, getting lost among the snowcapped mountains or tasting your way around Champagne’s hallowed vineyards, this is a nation that’s full of unforgettable routes that will plunge you straight into France’s heart and soul. There’s a trip for everyone here: family travellers, history buffs, culinary connoisseurs and outdoors adventurers. Buckle up and bon voyage –

Luxury and local life in the Maldives

Appreciating the Maldives’ natural riches

Nicknames aside, the etymology of the word ‘Maldives’ refers to the remarkable geography of this scattered archipelago. The ‘garland islands’ are indeed draped like a necklace across the Indian Ocean, hanging below the teardrop-shaped earring of Sri Lanka. And this is a treasure crafted from only the finest materials: white-gold sands with a turquoise trim, diamond-clear waters and sparkling sunsets framed by a curtain of palms. Every second spent here is a pinch-me moment.

The Maldives is the world’s lowest country in terms of elevation, and therefore first in the climate change firing line, which makes its natural wonders seem all the more precious, particularly when you meet the wildlife. Keen spotters, snorkelers and scuba divers should head to the southernmost atoll, Addu (also known as Seenu), to see spinner dolphins, sea turtles, whale sharks and white terns – a striking seabird found nowhere else in the Maldives.

Addu is also home to some of the islands’ most novel landmarks – a nine-hole golf course with lagoon views, one of the longest roads in the Maldives (a whole 16km, best travelled by bike) and the nation’s tallest mountain, which

Neighborhood in Las Vegas Chinatown

Chinatown Plaza, where it all began

When exploring Chinatown, the best idea is to start at its birthplace: the enormous and ornate Chinatown Plaza ( With its colorful, dragon-adorned, Tang Dynasty-inspired gate and gleaming statue commemorating the classic tale Journey to the West – including the Monkey King – it’s a favorite place for photos. Popular restaurants include Harbor Palace Seafood for oceanic delicacies and Sam Woo BBQ for smoky meats. For an eye-boggling stroll, head into Ranch 99 for a display of pan-Asian foodways.

A block away, Chengdu Taste ( serves some of the most chili-laden, incendiary dishes in the entire state of Nevada, let alone in Las Vegas. Specializing in Sichuan-style cooking, it also features dishes like pork dumplings in broth spiked with namesake Sichuan peppercorns. These feisty spices actually make your mouth numb, adding definitive tingle to the eating experience.

For aficionados of Thai cuisine, nearby Chada Street ( is at the crossroads of classic cuisine and edible experimentation. In a pretty, wood-lined dining room, dig into adventurous appetizers like Goong Share Nam Pla — a blend of raw shrimp, fish sauce, garlic and chili. In the vibrant Kang Ped Yang,

Things to do in Shanghai

Tianzifang’s bustling alleyways

Expect cheerfully decorated shop fronts and a lively atmosphere in this fun shopping area at the edge of the French Concession. Tianzifang is a network of small alleys lined with craft shops, bars and food stands. Shoppers looking for the best bargains need to come armed with a price in mind and a knack for haggling – shopkeepers here love the chase!

The Bund waterfront

Shanghai’s elegant skyline comes to life at night along the city’s glittering waterfront, The Bund. This stretch of colonial buildings delights visitors who flock here to gaze at some of China’s most impressive architectural landmarks and towering modern wonders across the river in Pudong.  Don’t be put off by the crowds, however; head down in the early evening to savour the light displays before they are turned off at 10pm.

Shanghai Museum

When it comes to ancient art relics, China’s collection is extensive and impressive. Shanghai Museum houses a comprehensive display of the legacy left by the advanced cultures of bygone eras, including the Ming and Qing dynasties. Bronzes, ceramics, ancient coins, jade artefacts and traditional costumes are exhibited across the museum’s four floors,